photos by David Carter

Rabbit Hunt at Cedar Station 2012 March 23,24,25, The W.O.T.L.M. (Woodsmen of the Little Muskegon) a party of the Michigan Brigade of American Mountain Men held their annual rabbit hunt at Cedar Station, just a short distance from the village of Cedar Lake. The event is open to A.M.M. members and invited guests. This year the members of the Michigan C.O.L.H.T. were invited. Of the ten members in Michigan five made their appearance. Thursday the early arrivals started to show up, four in all spent the night Thursday. Friday the rest of the group was showing up all day. A one shot long distance event is the only match held on Friday, which was won, by Michigan member of the C.O.L.H.T. our own Marc Baker. A prize of 10 English flints was his reward. A supper of bean soup and ham provided by Jack DuPrey along with bread finished out the day. Saturday arrived with a slight overcast and an outlook for a good day of camaraderie and shooting. This is a blanket shoot with thirteen iron rabbits as the prey, and a paper tiebreaker. A new running rabbit was added this year. We only shoot patched round ball and this fellow took a few more hits than I would have thought. In all 23 shooters took to the trail and had a very good day in the woods. For the first time some one hit all of the rabbits and was an easy first pick from the blanket. Jack DuPrey (a guest) was the only one to ace the course. Joe Cramer from Ohio (another guest) was the next pick with only one miss. Four of us were next with two misses, but Rotten Ralph Jones had the best shoot off and won third pick. Another guest also! I might have to modify the invite list next year. Saturday evening was spent in the company of good friends around the campfires, eating much good grub, indulging in some of the libations and the card games. As the hour was growing later most of us chose to hit the bedrolls, although a few chose to spend a bit more time around the last campfire. In the morning we could see who the night owls were. After a pot or two of coffee and a bit of breakfast we slowly moved on to the sorry task of breaking camp and heading on into the real world and to the jobs which seem to take so much of our time. The weather held for us and so no shooting was in the rain. I wish to thank the fellows who had to travel so far (hundreds of miles) to attend this sorry attempt at a shooting match I hold for my Brothers. To see them return again makes the whole effort worthwhile. Thank you my brothers. Respectfully, Trapper John

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