At the July WOTLM wood cutting and meeting at Cedar Station it was decided the WOTLMs would make a return trip to R.C., and amass an assault on the hill. We were to meet at the downtown Leota party store at 11:00 Friday the 15th. At the appointed time some of us were there and some stragglers put in their appearance some time later. We arrived at the Leota trail head at noon. Some of the brothers had to get dressed, but eventually we started the trek to the secret spot. The river had been a bit high and there were some spots filled with water and some large muddy bogs. :-( Most of us managed to negotiate the morass and arrive at the river bank in good condition by walking on logs or down brush to keep our feet dry. However, Gucci somehow managed to lose his balance and fall off his log and fell flat down in the bog. If you have ever seen a horse struggling to extricate itself from a mud bog you can imagine how he struggled. Like a struggling horse he required help, although a rope wasn't required to get him upright. We had four newcomers, Tim, Steve, Brad, and his friend black lab Sadie, so after the box was uncovered they made their medallions. Jim Hall had written a short history of R.C. that was read by Lord Calvin as Jim was unable to attend due to illness, and then the bottle was opened. Passing of the bottle along with thoughts and toasts being made by those of us that were there was done. After the refilling and sealing of the bottle it was placed back in the box along with the history placed in another sealed bottle. Medallions were placed inside and all was buried again. The trip back out was rather uneventful with only Steve going into the bog. Clear to his knees. BUT, he was able to keep his balance and remained upright! :-) We then prepared for our assault on the HILL. We arrived at camp in better shape after visiting the Cove that we have many times in the past. I believe that it was due to having twelve of us to uncover, open, and drink the bottle. However we DID arrive well and happy! :-) There were twelve fellows there when we arrived (7 camps) so the population more than doubled when we twelve plus Sadie arrived. The afternoon was spent setting up camps and then the usual telling of brave deeds, hard shots, that had been made and other tales of valor since we had last been together. Which of course was helped along with the consuming of the usual liquid refreshment, plus a special bottle which was sent along with Britt by his lovely wife Susie. Then off to bed. Saturday morning dawned overcast and cloudy, and some of the smarter fellows started their shooting. Some of us wisely waited for the sun came out to brighten up the day. Which of course didn=92t happen. Some of us shot in the afternoon and of course before I had taken first shot the sky opened up. It rained SO hard that my rifle wouldn't go off. I stood under Gucci's fly until it let up and then I had such a hang fire that I missed my shingle taking my luck shot. After the events were over for the weekend the WOTLM bunch wound up with part of the winnings and of course all won a pick off the prize blanket. Even as poor as I shot I wound up with a very nice small belt knife and matching sheath. :-) lucky me. BUT, the big winner was Ama Goos A-rook Better known as Bull Chris Caine, who is KING OF THE RIVER Good shooting Bull! The candle shoot was won by Brad who did the deed and beat Tim using Tim's own rifle. Good job Brad. Steve dominated the hawk match by walking up just as it was winding down, and by his throwing skill forced every one back one notch. Winner Steve. Way to go Steve! Saturday evening turned out to be a much quieter affair than the previous night. Campfires, a bottle or two were opened and consumed along with a bottle of the good Drs. Apple Pie to commemorate Lord Calvin's birthday. Forty eight years, Happy birthday Cal. In conclusion the rain came down HARD, but not for long. Nights were cool for good sleeping, and the mosquitos, and bugs weren't bad at all. Until next time Respectfully submitted. Trapper John